Nepali individuals founded the Orphanage in March 2002 under the Social Welfare Act with registration number 680-058/059, and two ladies, Mrs. Pandey and Mrs. Wosti, lead it. Dr. Dennis Hess and his wife Noreen became associated with this group destitute orphans and helpless children while they were serving as humanitarian missionaries in 2000 for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They were committed for the expenses of education and rent for two years from the initial. The other expenses were covered from the local donations.

Initially the Home started with 12 children, however, the number of residents have quickly grown to its current level of 40. Although the Orphanage currently runs at full capacity, it will take on further children who are at significant risk. Some children were referred to the Home by the Kathmandu police, others by local governing bodies of various villages, with whom the Orphanage maintains an excellent relationship. Some children have been picked up directly from the streets.

The Home was located in a rented house in the Chamatipanth area of Kathmandu. The premises contain six dormitories (three for boys and three for girls), a kitchen, a storage room, an office, a small library, a warden room, three toilets and a small internal courtyard. The premises had basic facilities: like 24 hour hot & cold water, clean bathrooms, a small terrace for watching sun. It is located in the heart of city near to big roads. The current property of the Orphanage is limited to the bare minimum: metal beds, blankets, utensils, cooking equipment, water tanks, etc. Now the orphanage owns a small house .

Life in the Home follows a daily routine, including meals; study sessions before and after school, cleaning of the premises, playtime and prayers. The children get two main meals per day according to Nepali custom, consisting of rice, lentil soup and vegetables. There is tea in the morning, a light meal (tiffin) at school, and snacks between meals. To have balance food, they are getting seasonal fruits & eggs twice a week and meat once a week. Unfortunately, the quality and quantity of the food depend largely on the availability of funds.

The Home puts a strong emphasis on the educational development of the children. The daily study sessions are monitored by the staffs and tuitor, homework is checked, from time to time extra English lessons are provided by volunteers. Children go to school well prepared, and some of them rank among the best in their class, quite unusual for children with problematic personal history.
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